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This was the best experience I’ve had with therapy. Lia gave me great advice on how to handle my panic attacks. It was helpful to get information that other doctors never gave me. I liked being able to work on overcoming the anxiety without being medicated. She was always very kind and listened to what I needed to talk about.

I was struggling with a long period of anxiety and depression as a result the break-up. Lia was able to help me understand my part in the cycle of behavior and showed me how to extract myself from the situation and move on with my life. She gave me tools to help focus on my wellbeing and stop events from the past influencing my future. Lia seemed to listen actively and carefully to what I was saying and was able to understand what I was expressing sometimes even before I fully understood it myself. I appreciated that her office was comfortable, clean and quiet. I found it very easy to relax and say what needed to be said.

I suffered from emotional hardship after my breakup. I lost my self confidence, and was doubtful of my self-value. That’s the time when I sought out Lia’s help. Lia helped me through giving me support and positive encouragement when I needed them the most. I am very thankful that God has given me help through Lia so that I can find my joy and peace again!

Lia’s calm demeanor was nice–nothing felt forced or hurried. Also for every story I’d share there was always a comment–felt listened to and had engagement. I also enjoyed the good laughs that would come up during conversations. Lia helped me by helping me deal with my fears and feelings and initially overcoming the hardship of struggling with a mental illness. Lia is a great listener with comments that are reflective and engaging.

Lia let me know if was okay to have my feelings and where they were coming from. It makes more sense now. I have grown as a person. Thank you, Lia.

I was dealing with depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. Lia listened to the issues that I was facing. She would provide support through feedback as well as help me come up with coping strategies to deal with things. She was always very positive and friendly and made me feel like I was not crazy, that I am simply a human being going through a lot.

It was helpful for me to be able to talk through issues. I learned that a willingness to compromise on issues with your significant other is important. I also got to work through my feelings about work/career.

My boyfriend was dealing with a form of depression and it was putting a strain on our relationship. Lia helped me realize that depression doesn’t have to be a deal breaker for someone you really love. You can work through differences and make things work if you want to put the effort in. I had a lot of insightful sessions with her.

I felt like Lia really cared and was willing to help. Counseling felt like a safe place where I didn’t feel judged and I could talk honestly about my feelings without worrying what the other person thinks of me. My goal for therapy was to get out of feeling stuck especially with my career and also to gain self confidence. I became more open to new experiences, people, and adventures as a result of therapy. Lia helped me step by step through the interview process and I was able to get a new job. She kept pushing me every week and encouraging me to keep trying.

“Lia is good at finding out what the situation is, in a gentle and non-intrusive way. Within the first session, she is able to build a strong rapport, and able to pinpoint the problems my family is having. Her ideas and suggestions towards the problems are innovative and give me insight about my relationship. I can’t thank her enough and appreciate all her efforts!”

“I had an excellent experience with Lia. She is very caring, kind and sensitive to what ever your problem you have. I learned about myself that being considerate and kind is not a form of weakness. I also learned to just be myself. She did an excellent job tending to my problems, and for that I would like to extend my gratitude. Thank you, Lia! “

“Lia is professional without being intimidating, kind, incisive, and very complimentary. I find her very helpful, and not at all someone to be afraid of. Her service is caring, professional, not overly concerned with the dogma of any school of thought.”

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