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When I first started in private practice, I was on a few insurance panels. However, due to their reimbursement rates, I had to work twice as hard and see twice as many clients. I was tired and burnt out.

I realized that this was not fair to my clients.   My clients were not getting the treatment that they deserved from me. I had gone into this field because I loved helping people.

However, I was doing them a disservice by showing up as someone who was not at her best.

After lots of reflection and soul searching, I decided to get off of all my insurance panels.  I did not even stay on one of them. I decided that my clients deserved to have a therapist that was going to focus on them, who was going to show up as the therapist that they deserve.

I have not turned back since then. I actually have more people calling me now than when I was on insurance panels. I believe that people can tell when you are giving them your best and they are being helped.

For this reason,  I continue to cap my weekly caseload so that the people that show up get the best therapist for the best outcome.

I do this work because I want people and couples to get better, and when I see clients get better and no longer needing me, I feel a deep sense of satisfaction and gratefulness. It is what gets me up in the morning.

You are worth having a therapist who is excited to work with you and is invested in you. And you are worth investing in yourself!

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Therapy Rates for Lia Huynh:

  • Please see current rates here

I accept cash, check, credit & debit cards, HSA and FSA cards.

*If you have a PPO insurance plan, you may be able to get some of my fee reimbursed as an out-of-network provider.  I am happy to give you an itemized medical receipt for you free of charge. (I am not currently in-network with any insurance plans.)

Marriage and Relationship Coaching from David Huynh:

  • Please see current rates here

David does not take insurance or HSA/FSA cards.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. We are happy to answer them!


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