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Say Yes to a Happy Relationship with Relationship Counseling

I’m sure you hear this a lot, but relationships are hard. Before rolling your eyes, let me finish. Even if you and your partner get really well in the beginning, life happens and daily stress can create conflicts between you.

Relationship therapy helps couples who find themselves in difficult situations to work through their problems, move beyond them, and become better partners to one another.

When to Seek Out Relationship Therapy

A wrong belief is that you need to count on relationship counseling only if separation or divorce comes into the mix. But actually, you must work on your relationship to avoid those problems.

Procrastination does not help anyone. You must acknowledge the problems as soon as they happen. Therapy can help you solve these problems.

Relationship therapy can help you if:

  • You have trouble communicating with your partner
  • You disagree and argue often
  • You have trouble making decisions and walking in the same direction together
  • You or your partner lack trust in each other
  • You have experienced jealousy or infidelity
  • Lack of intimacy

Daily life can put tons of stress on the partners. For example, raising children, financial troubles, everyday responsibilities, and career stress often put a strain on the connection. These stressors can hurt any relationship, no matter how long you’ve been together.

Here is What You Can Do to Make Relationship Therapy Effective

If you want to rebuild your relationship, you need to put in some work. Here is what can you do to:

Be honest

Lying to your counselor is never a good idea. How can you expect someone to help you solve your problems if you’re not even honest about those problems? I get it. You may be afraid that you’ll be judged. But that is never the case. Your therapist will never judge you.

You’re not there to feel comfortable

Therapy can be rough. All of us have some things that we don’t want to hear. Therapy can often cause distress because you are learning new truths about yourself, not all of them nice or happy. Trust the process in order to feel better.

Invest your time

Nothing happens overnight and fixing your problems with one session is just not realistic. If you want to see a positive result you need to be determined and you need to be willing to invest your time and hard work.

Hi, I’m Lia Huynh. I’m a Relationship Therapist who has helped hundreds of couples in Milpitas and San Jose to rebuild their trust, feel closer to each other, and build better communication. I have over 17 years of professional experience counseling others in relationships. Besides, I am pleased to say that I have been happily married for 13 years. I have learned so much in my own journey.

What to Expect From Relationship Therapy

I can help you and your partner handle problems such as:

  • Communication issues
  • High conflict couples
  • Infidelity and jealousy
  • Mismatched priorities
  • Parenting conflicts
  • Conflicts regarding in-laws
  • Money issues
  • Issues regarding sex
  • Identity and role conflict
  • Religion, ethics, and values

Depending on the specific problems that you seek assistance in addressing, I use many different techniques, exercises, and tools in my sessions. I believe that being heard is very important for having a successful session. However, I go beyond clients sharing their feelings. I am an active, solution-focused, and results-driven therapist that wants you to be successful in your marriage. That includes listening to you, but it also means being able to pinpoint what is holding you back and giving you a clear path on how to move ahead.

The Importance of Premarital Counseling

If you and your partner might feel like you’ve met the one, but you feel that are some differences in your expectations and values, it might benefit you to try relationship therapy. Through relationship counseling, couples of any gender, race, or religion learn to recognize and deal with areas of conflict that may arise in their relationship.

Communication is the most important thing in a relationship. I can help you open up and freely share your thoughts and expectations. My office is a safe space to learn to better understand each other.

The relationship therapy will help you plan your future together. Do you have trouble discussing your expectations regarding your family or financial goals? I can help you mediate this discussion.

My clients recognize the fact that I am honest and separated from their individual situations. There’s no drama, no gossip about anything. Anything said in my therapy office, stays in the therapy office. And that’s a fact.

Throughout the years, many couples have come to my office feeling stuck or frustrated and have left full of hope and love. As a result, they have decided to stay together and make the changes to their behavior they have been fearful to make for many years.

If you are ready to rebuild your relationship and reconnect with your spousecontact me today for a 20-minute FREE Relationship Therapy Session.

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