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As Asian Americans, our situation is unique.  We are able to enjoy all the benefits of living in America while still enjoying all that our ethnic culture has to offer. As a culture, we are really good at fitting in, assimilating and becoming adaptable to our circumstances.

No one can deny that Asian Americans are becoming more prominent in society, whether it’s tech, arts, education or health.  And yet there is a keen awareness that there are subtle (or not!) differences in culture, communication and outlook that Asian Americans hold that are different than our anglo counterparts.

Maybe you are looking for someone who can understand these subtleties. Maybe it’s understanding the complex and complicated relationships we have with our parents. Maybe it’s understanding the intense pressure we have to achieve . Maybe it’s understanding the more indirect ways we communicate.

Mental Health is highly stigmatized in Asian culture. Mental health treatment is already stigmatized (although becoming less so) in greater American culture. It is way worse in Asian culture. Many of my Asian American clients have hid the fact that they are going to counseling from their parents. Maybe you feel like something is “wrong” with you if you need counseling.  Trust me, there is nothing further from the truth. To seek treatment is such a brave thing to do. You are facing your problems, not hiding them by going to counseling.

I provide a safe space for you to process your problems. No one is ever  labeled “crazy.” In our culture, we are often encouraged to save face and not show others that we are suffering or in pain. As a result, we suffer in silence, alone, and often times, it gets worse and takes over our lives. Whether it’s an individual problem or a problem in your relationship. My goal for my clients is to leave feeling empowered, not ashamed.

If you are debating whether or not to seek treatment, definitely do your research. Read up on therapy, ask your friends, talk with your pastor or doctor. You can also give me a call, email or text with any questions you have. Get to know me, see if you feel I would be able to understand your situation. I’m here to help.

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Lia Huynh, MS, LMFT