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Covid’s Effects On Relationships

The coronavirus pandemic has negatively affected both our bodies and minds. No matter how the current world situation is changing your life, we can all agree that handling it can be really challenging. With the social distancing and the working from home situations, a lot of relationships had been put to a challenge.

Partners were forced to spend time with each other all day. They were forced to share a room during working hours, and with that the stress from work started to sneak into their lives.

Leaning on your relationship partner for support during that hard time can also be a challenge.

Luckily, marriage and relationships therapists can help you during these hard times. They can be amazing resources to help you through the tough times without jeopardizing your relationship.

What is a marriage and relationship therapist?
Marriage and relationship therapy is a part of psychotherapy, and it aims to treat individuals and couples within their relationship.

Marriage therapy can truly help you and your significant other to identify where your expectations clash and improve the overall quality of your emotional and physical relationship. The treatment can help you make thoughtful resolutions concerning restoring and developing your connection.

Relationship dynamics can vary. They might include multicultural spouses and partners or intergenerational family members. No matter the case, the job of the relationship and marriage counselors is to assess the problems and challenges and to support the couple with whatever they need to conquer their fears and issues.

Unfortunately, after years of marriage, some couples grow apart from each other. They no longer take the time to engage in conversations and rather live as roommates instead of lovers. The current world pandemic does not help the situation.

When life stuff happens, couples and spouses often forget what drew them to one another, why they fell in love and how good they felt at the beginning of the relationship.

If you and your spouse are running your household together but have lost your emotional connection, you might benefit from marriage or relationship therapy.

How can a relationship and marriage counselor help your family?

Many people wonder if marriage therapy actually works.

Marriage therapy can be a place where you can connect to your loved one again. It can be a place to resolve some of your problems that keep coming up over and over again.

Marriage and relationship therapists specialize in various areas to be able to help every individual tackle their challenges while also keeping their relationship dynamics in mind.

The pandemic has affected nearly all parts of our daily lives. It surely affected our relationship with our families. Working with a marriage counselor can improve your listening and understanding skills and can help you guide yourself and your partner toward the resolution of your problems.

Here are some of the issues your marriage counselor can help you resolve:

Arguing a lot with your partner
Daily life often affects our mood. And that often affects the way we communicate with our partners. But if arguing and yelling become the only way you communicate with one another, you have a problem on your plate.

Relationships have different dynamics, and some people handle conflict difficulty. Some prefer to confront each other and share directly what is bothering them, some start to act passive-aggressive and others choose to completely ignore the situation.

Scandals and yelling always leave somebody hurt. The can be really destructive for any relationship.

Conflicts can happen in any type of relationship, not just romantic. It can happen between friends and family members as well.

You need to learn how to handle them. You need to learn how to listen and how to express your feelings without arguing. Marriage and relationship therapy can teach you to do just that. It can teach you how to handle conflicts in a healthy way.

Issues with money handling and arguing about finances
Handling money is one of the most common problems that arise in long-term relationships. Finances or the lack of them can surely create tension and evoke passive-aggressive behavior, or strong emotions such as anger, envy, or even anxiety and depression.

More often than not, our relationship with money is dictated by past experience, often from the time when we were kids and were watching how our parents handle them.

Marriage counseling can help you build a positive relationship with money and positively change the way it affects your life.


One of the partners has been unfaithful
Another very common problem in marriages and long-term relationships is infidelity. Studies show that 25% of all married men and 15% of all married women have been unfaithful at some point in their relationship.

Marriage counseling can help you and your partner repair your relationship and rebuild your trust toward one another.

You feel like a roommates
The absence of passion, intimacy, and love in long-term relationships and marriages is the main reason people separate or divorce from their spouses.

In these uncertain times, It’s possible you and your spouse are facing new challenges like setting boundaries for work or struggling to feel the intimacy between each other.

Many couples experience a decrease in their sex life and some even share that they are rarely even hugging and kissing one another.

This subject is sensitive, and a lot of couples are afraid to open up about their intimate life, but that’s why marriage counseling exists.

The first step to solve any problem is to admit that you have a problem.

Marriage therapy can help you guide the conversation and open up to your spouse about it.

If you or your significant other are feeling like you’re meant to each other, but as a result of the pandemic you found some new difficulties and problems, or maybe a change of expectations and values. Then, you might benefit from giving marriage therapy a try.


Through relationship and marriage counseling, many couples no matter their gender, age, race or religion learn to deal with the conflicts that inevitably come in their romantic relationship.

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