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Depression Treatment is a type of therapy in which a therapist with clinical experience working with depression, most often by a Licensed Therapist.Depression Treatment San Jose.

Depression therapy tends to involve the following general elements:

  • A focus on a specific problem.
  • Solution-focused, change-oriented interventions early on in treatment.
  • A clear establishment of treatment objectives.

Depression can hit you like a ton of bricks. Day to day activities might feel extremely difficult. Things that used to be pleasurable just don’t feel good anymore. It may be time to seek depression treatment.

You may isolate yourself from your loved ones. Perhaps you feel like no one understands you. Maybe you’re wondering, “Will this ever end?

It is estimated that fifteen percent of the population will experience depression in their lifetime, and 1 in 6 are currently taking psychiatric drugs, mostly antidepressants. Depression is extremely common, and is on the rise. You are not alone. Depression treatment works.


In Depression Treatment, it is a safe, confidential place for you to share whatever you are going through–without judgment.


I have counseled hundreds of people from all walks of life in the San Jose area over the last 17 years. From CEOs to murderers, I have been able to provide a non-judgmental space for people to process and heal.

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