Asian American Couples Therapy in Monterey Park, CA

Are you ready to rebuild and restore the romantic relationship with your loved one?


Couples therapy can help you and your romantic partner to identify and resolve the issues within your relationship. The counseling sessions can help you and your partner make thoughtful decisions regarding fixing your problems and strengthening your romantic relationship.


My name is Lia Huynh and I’m a professional couples therapist in Monterey Park, California. If you’re living in the area and you’re looking for a couples counselor who understands your struggles of being Asian American in the US and the differences in your family values, then I can help you! 


I have helped hundreds of couples to resolve their issues and restore their trust and intimacy so they can continue to grow together. 


My therapy office is a safe space free of judgment, gossip and fears. You can be open with your partner and express your real fears, worries and emotions. I’ll listen to you and your partner carefully, and I’ll use different tools and exercises to deal with your unique situations.


If you have already spent a couple of happy years with your partner and feel like you might meet the one, then your relationship is worth fighting for.


If you feel like the daily stress or the differences in your expectations and values, then I can help you rebuild your romantic relationship. 

Through couples counseling, people of any gender, race, or religion can learn to identify, recognize and deal with conflicts that may arise in their romantic relationship.


The couples therapy can also help you plan your future together with your partner. A therapist can help you mediate a discussion regarding your family and financial goals.


Throughout the 17+ years of my professional practice, many couples have come to me feeling frustrated and surrendered and have left full of love towards each other. 

Asian American Couples Therapy includes

I can help you and your partner handle problems such as:


  • Communication issues
  • High conflict couples
  • Infidelity, trust and jealousy issues
  • Mismatched priorities
  • Parenting conflicts
  • Conflicts regarding in-laws
  • Money issues
  • Issues regarding sex and intimacy
  • Identity and role conflict
  • Religion, ethics, and values

I am an active, solution-focused, and results-driven couples therapist that wants you to be successful in your relationship. 


If you are ready to rebuild your relationship and reconnect with your spouse, contact me today for a 20-minute FREE Relationship Therapy Session.