Asian American Counseling in Sunnyvale, CA

Are you often feeling overwhelmed by the everyday pressures of life? Are you feeling depressed but don’t know how to share your feelings with the people around you? Are you feeling overwhelmed or sad without knowing why? 


It’s time to get the help you need! I offer professional Asian-American counseling services. 


Many Asian Americans struggle with their self-image a lot. Many people don’t feel that they’re fitting in a specific group. Some often feel that are not American enough, while others might feel that are not Asian enough. 


If you feel that way, I got your back! I get the feeling of sadness and loneliness you might feel because of all these struggles.

Milpitas, CA

Hi, I’m Lia Huynh.


I’m an Asian American Therapist in Sunnyvale, CA. I have helped hundreds of individuals and couples to communicate better, repair their relationships with friends and family, and build better ways to love one another.


I attended two amazing schools for psychology and counseling therapy. UCLA and SF State prepared me for the various cultures that I would be working with through the years. 


Both of those schools were fortunate to house some of the pioneers in Asian American psychology. I was fortunate enough to work under some of them at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

We as Asian Americans can enjoy all the benefits of living in America while still enjoying the Asian culture to the fullest. 


Asian Americans are great at fitting in and adapt to the situation. But still, they are aware of the different cultures, communication styles, and overall outlooks.


Are you looking for someone that can understand your situation? Are you sick of trying to explain these differences?

asian american counseling

I can help! 


I understand the complex and complicated relationship that you might have with your parents. I understand the pressure you might feel to be an achiever. I understand the difference in communication and the struggles that this might bring to your life. 


My therapy office is a safe space for you to process your thoughts and feelings. It is also a safe place where you can get direction and learn tools and exercises to manage and overcome depression or anxiety symptoms.


I’ll listen to what you have to share carefully, and I’ll deal with your situation using a personal approach.


Having a professional therapist can help you open up about your problems and feelings. It can help you set a good path for how to move forward. 


You can transform your negative situation into something that helps you grow into a mature, resilient, and better person. Therapy can also help you build amazing mental health habits and behaviors when it comes to dealing with negative situations in the future. 


I am an active, solution-focused, and results-driven Asian-American therapist that wants you to be happy.


If you are ready to become the best version of yourself, contact me today for a 20-minute FREE Asian-American Therapy Session.


 Give me a call, email, or text with any questions you might have regarding the Asian-American therapy I offer. 


Client Reviews

I began seeing Lia recently and already I can see clear growth in my life as a result. Every time I step into her office, I feel safe and welcome. She is an amazing individual therapist as well as an amazing marriage therapist, as my husband also began joining my sessions. If you are going through any major life transitions while trying to heal from recent trauma/pain/baggage, it's definitely not easy. Lia has helped me move forward step by step, while helping me heal from the past at the same time. She understands the big picture and it's obvious she has years of experience counseling people. I definitely highly recommend her!
Individual Therapy Client
My husband and I come from very traditional Asian families and Lia helped us navigate the pressures of being young Asian Americans in hardline Asian households. It was important for us to find a therapist that understood the struggle of being Asian Americans. Going to Lia, you're meeting a warm and caring therapist. I was excited to go to therapy every time and left leaving empowered to apply what I learned. Lia helped me come out of my shell and discovered a stronger identity. With Lia as my guide, I was able to dispel the inner voice, that told me my voice or feelings didn't matter. With Lia, you will be in good hands no matter your background. She will inspire you and empower you.
testimony for marriage counseling
Marriage Therapy Client
David guided my then-fiancé and I through one of the lowest points in our relationship. He listened to both sides and shed light on what we were struggling with; we then continued to meet with him throughout the rest of our engagement. David helped us clarify the issue(s) that my now-husband and I continue to work on together to this day. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking relationship counseling.
Marriage Therapy Client