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Is Chivalry Overrated?

I feel like lately there’s been a lot of talk among twenty somethings about chivalry. Interestingly enough, the talk has been initiated from the men, not the women. Usually the talk is from well-meaning, caring men who are eager to attract the right one using chivalrous tactics. It’s a good value to have And you […]

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How Should I Spend My Free Time?

Lia, I feel so overwhelmed with all the things and activities that are on my plate! I don’t want to miss out on stuff but sometimes I feel like I’m just going to activities to “get it over with” and then it’s on to the next! ¬†How should I spend my free time so it’s […]

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4 Free and Easy Ways to Ward Off Stress

Stress is normal in today’s fast-paced society where we are all trying to be richer, skinnier, healthier, more powerful, learn more languages, raise perfect children, you name it. The pressures of life can weigh down on us and cause significant distress. Many of us just grit our teeth and do whatever needs to be done. […]

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