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3 Ways To Make Your Wife Happy

I’m writing this next post out of the overwhelming therapy calls that I have been getting from husbands wanting help with their marriages. Most of these guys are not adulterers or abusers; they are just good people who have trouble understanding women and what they want. So I decided to write this article in the […]

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Is Chivalry Overrated?

I feel like lately there’s been a lot of talk among twenty somethings about chivalry. Interestingly enough, the talk has been initiated from the men, not the women. Usually the talk is from well-meaning, caring men who are eager to attract the right one using chivalrous tactics. It’s a good value to have And you […]

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How Should I Spend My Free Time?

Lia, I feel so overwhelmed with all the things and activities that are on my plate! I don’t want to miss out on stuff but sometimes I feel like I’m just going to activities to “get it over with” and then it’s on to the next! ¬†How should I spend my free time so it’s […]

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Why Did You Become a Therapist?

Therapy is not the typical Asian American career. I was lucky enough that I was naive enough to follow my dreams despite all the potential impracticalities. It wasn’t easy but I know for sure that this was what I was meant to do. I felt so priviledged to be doing something I love and also […]

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